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stephanie botts posturepros ergonomic coaching in office


Not sure if an ergonomics consultant can help you? Stephanie would be pleased to chat with you about any discomfort or fatigue you may be having, challenges you are facing in your operatory, and discuss options that may be beneficial to you.

stephanie botts posturepros ergonomic coaching in office

In-Office Assessments and Coaching

Stephanie will come into your office and offer personalized, one-on-one ergonomic coaching while you perform a dental appointment. She will offer guidance throughout the appointment and also provide you with a detailed assessment report complete with pictures, findings and guidance, recommended stretches, and equipment recommendations. This can be done for one individual, or for the entire team!

stephanie botts posturepros ergonomic coaching virtual

Virtual Assessments
and coaching

Stephanie understands that an in-office assessment may not be an option for you. She now offers virtual assessments, with all the benefits of her being there with you.

stephanie botts posturepros ergonomic coaching dental

Video Assessments

Connect with Stephanie by submitting your video of a clinical procedure for review. Receive a customized report with detailed recommendations.

stephanie botts posturepros ergonomic continuing education lectures speaker

CE Lectures

Stephanie offers lectures to various dental and dental hygiene associations in and outside of the state of Colorado. She educates about the importance of proper ergonomics to avoid pain and improve the dental practitioners’ quality of life, both inside and outside the operatory.