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"Mirror, Mirror... In Your Hand"

When we are talking about ergonomics and reducing the chance of injury, oftentimes we are talking about very MINOR adjustments and really paying attention to the "little things."

What's something we use all day, every day that can have a drastic impact on our musculoskeletal health? Instruments! We use them all throughout the day, and they can either make or break us.

For today's post, I'd like to talk about mirrors.

Many clinicians are still using very small diameter, heavy mirror handles which can cause damage in the long run (see image below).



We demand so much from our mirror hand! It retracts, stabilizes, provides indirect vision, not to mention grabbing the air/water syringe and suction. Often, it is holding a very static, fixed position when we are working, which increases our risk of developing an injury.

The more pressure we are using when retracting, combined with the force needed to hold onto the mirror (pinch force) increases pressure and fatigue which can then lead to injuries such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.



Making the simple adjustment to a light and wide mirror handle (see above image) drastically reduces the force needed to hold onto it and perform the duties needed such as retraction and stabilization.

You will definitely be able to feel the difference when you make the change!

Some mirrors with these characteristics can be found at:

Due to how often the mirror hand is forced to hold such a stationary position while under stress puts it at risk, and making this very small change can drastically reduce your pain, fatigue, and risk of future injury.

In addition, being mindful of using as light of a grip as possible will further reduce pain and fatigue (no more death grip)!


Thin is NOT in!

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